The Back Office Heavy Lifter

The Freedom software suite from ByDesign provides everything you need to manage your business, and gives you the flexibility to integrate third-party software or existing company data. If your business is global, rest assured that many ByDesign clients rely on our softwareʼs support for multiple currencies and languages every day.

The entire system can be deployed quickly and smoothly with your data, giving you an unparalleled time to market. Freedomʼs flexibility is exceptional; as your company grows, it can to grow with you with the possibility of virtually unlimited customizations. The robust features, scalability, and technology you get with Freedom add up to an extraordinary value! Schedule a demo today!

Corporate Back Office

Freedom is the backbone of your corporate operations with the software your MLM, direct sales, or party plan company needs. Known worldwide for its powerful commissions engine, Freedom includes all of these features and more, for one price:

  • Distributor/Consultant Management
  • Order Entry
  • Customer Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Lead Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • ACH/Direct Deposit
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Check Writing
  • Replicated Website Suppport
  • AutoShip
  • Commission Processing
  • Shipping Fulfillment
  • 1099s
  • Over 500 Reports

Distributor/Consultant Back Office

The back office empowers your distributors and consultants to work efficiently online.
Features include:

  • Distributor/Consultant Sponsoring
  • Genealogy Reports
  • Online Ordering
  • AutoShip Management
  • Customer Orders
  • Check Register Reports
  • Commission Statements
  • Real-time Volumes
  • Order Tracking
  • Profile Management
  • Graphical Downlines
  • Customer Reports

What About Party Plans?

Running a party plan company is different from an MLM. ByDesign Technologies recognizes this fact and has created some great modules just for you.

  • Play Plan Hostess Tracking
  • Play Plan Guest Tracking
  • Party Plan Bookings
  • Party Plan Shows
  • Hostess Rewards
  • Support Tickets
  • E-invites
Feedom Now

Cloud-based Solution

Freedom Enterprise is a monthly, cloud-based, hosted solution for direct sales, network marketing, MLM, and party plan companies. The software is installed and maintained at ByDesign's facilities by Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Your employees access Freedom Enterprise via a secure web-based interface. No special software needs to be installed on any of your company's computers.
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Freedom Enterprise eliminates:

  • Maintaining complex server hardware
  • Installing high-bandwidth data lines
  • Hiring expensive technical staff
  • Purchasing software upgrades
Freedom Advantage

OnPremise Software

Freedom Advantage is available as a one-time purchase. The software is licensed to you and installed at your facilities. It can be customized to your direct sales, network marketing, MLM or party plan business model, offering tremendous flexibility.
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Freedom Advantage includes:

  • Installation by Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Training for both users and technical staff
  • Ability to integrate with your critical systems
  • Faster execution on your local area network

• MLM, direct sales, party plan

• Web-based architecture

• Powerful commission engine

• Trouble-free upgrades

• Automatic monthly orders

• Ecommerce

• Replicated websites

"ByDesign is constantly improving things. It is always great to find that a feature you were thinking about suddenly becomes available. It is even better when a feature you had no idea you needed comes up and becomes an invaluable tool in your business and reporting. This happens all the time with Freedom."

Glen Bogue,
Send Out Cards

All Comp Plans Supported

  • Binary
  • Unilevel
  • Matrix
  • Party plan
  • Coding groups
  • 2-Up
  • Hybrids
  • Stairstep breakaway
  • Generational
  • Custom designs


Quickly locate the information you desire with our in-depth search engine. Search profiles of distributors/consultants, customers, leads, orders, and inventory items for fast and easy data location.

AutoShip Management

Our AutoShip module comes fully loaded with payment options for Credit Cards, ACH and Check Drafts. No more spending all day on AutoShip. You click the button...the orders get charged and then are ready to be sent to the shipping department for fulfillment. It's really that easy!

Shipping, Invoicing, and Tracking

Ship your products however you want, wherever you want. You can track orders using the Freedom linking system and while you are at it, offer your customers as many shipment options as you wish.